Before a Study Abroad Program Sets Sail: Preventing Harm Through Selection and Preparation

Risk Research Bulletin | January 2015 | 0 Comments  Average 5 out of 5

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About This Resource

A study abroad program can present potential liability landmines. This report helps your institution ensure that students are getting the most out of their study abroad experiences by providing recommendations for effective preparation. Best practices for preparing your students, faculty, and staff for a study abroad trip include:

  • Carefully select program administrators, faculty, and host families.
  • Require an orientation and develop a guide that helps leaders understand their duties
  • Train study abroad staff in the most frequent risks to help them better protect students
  • Develop an appropriate process for choosing program participants 
  • Develop an orientation to prepare student participants for the trip
  • Develop program-specific crisis response plans and familiarize adult leaders and participants in these procedures and resources 

Read the report to learn more about planning and preparing for a study abroad program.


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