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About This Resource

Short-term international programs (STPs) refer to international or study abroad programs lasting less than one semester. Although increasingly popular with students, STPs pose several unique challenges for educational institutions. STPs are frequently organized shortly before departure by a faculty member who does not necessarily follow any procedures when planning the trip. As a result, these program may lack the infrastructure and support of a more established study abroad program. In addition, STPs often occur during break periods when it may be difficult to contact the home campus for assistance.

This checklist is designed for administrators who are ultimately responsible for STPs on their campuses, not for program leaders or participants. It provides a guide to considering and addressing the primary risk management challenges of these programs. The list covers the following areas of consideration:

  • Program Formation and Approval
  • Faculty and Staff Orientation
  • Student Selection and Participation
  • On-Site Student Orientation
  • Managing Key Risks
  • Student Evaluations
  • Faculty and Staff Reports

For the complete, detailed, printable checklist, read "A Checklist for Campus Administrators Managing Short-Term International Programs."


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