Checklist for Investigating Accidents Causing Personal Injury

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About This Resource

Accidents causing personal injury that occur on campus or school grounds can have significant liability implications for institutions. To mitigate some of these concerns, institutions should conduct investigations and document the conditions at the time of an accident before making any repairs or changes. In addition, investigators should aim to determine the facts surrounding the accident rather than the accident’s cause or who is to blame. In doing so, it is important to avoid speculation, be as objective as possible, and focus on gathering evidence instead of drawing conclusions.

Designed for use by employees who investigate any type of accident that occurs on campus or school grounds resulting in personal injury, this UE checklist can significantly reduce the chance of litigation or strengthen the institution’s defense when litigation does occur. Not all the steps outlined in the checklist will apply to every situation; but you are encouraged to adapt as appropriate for usage at your institution.


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