College-Owned Vehicles: Claims Lessons for Reducing Driver Error

Risk Research Bulletin | September 2011 | 0 Comments  Average 5 out of 5

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About This Resource

Driver negligence can result in costly claims for your institution if it causes an accident involving one of your school-owned vehicles. Implementing a training program for staff and students who drive your institution’s vehicles can help reduce risk.

UE analyzed recent claims involving college-owned vehicles to help institutions develop training that addresses the most common situations. Findings include:

  • Most claims involved employee drivers rather than student drivers
  • Maintenance and facility personnel were involved in the majority of claims, with smaller losses
  • Claims involving faculty and administrators were the costliest claims
  • Accidents involving campus security were another significant source of claims and losses
  • Most claims involved a driver of a college-owned vehicle negligently hitting another vehicle

UE’s analysis identified groups that were significantly involved in vehicle-related claims. To make sure your training meets the needs of specific groups of campus drivers:

  • Make training a priority for both student and staff drivers
  • Periodically retrain and recertify drivers, paying special attention to international drivers
  • Identify and publish penalties for violating your institution’s driver safety policies
  • Develop specific training and safety policies for utility vehicles

To learn more about vehicle related claims read the report.


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