Threat Assessment Teams for Troubled Students

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About This Resource

The U.S. Department of Education, the Secret Service, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) recommend the use of threat assessment teams to identify and respond to distressed students in educational settings. The joint study concluded that individual attackers do not simply “snap” before engaging in violence; rather, they often engage in observable behaviors that signal an attack is about to occur. They recommend that schools adopt a threat assessment process and a team to implement it to prevent school violence.

Threat assessment teams identify and coordinate services for a broad range of troubling student behaviors, including mental illness, substance abuse, and disruptive conduct. These teams:

  • Receive reports of troubling student behavior
  • Gather information about the student from team members and other resources
  • Determine whether a student poses a risk of harm or is in need of additional assistance
  • Recommend an intervention that connects the student to beneficial resources and/or de-escalates the threat posed

Read the report to make sure your campus is ready to assess and respond to student threats.


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