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Residence halls can be a major source of risk on a campus. Implementing RA training that addresses the most common sources of residence hall injuries can help keep students safe and reduce your institution’s risk. To make sure your trainings meet the needs of the most at-risk groups:

  • Train RAs on how to handle allegations of sexual assault occurring in the residence halls and how to decrease the risk of sexual assault by enforcing campus policie
  • Involve your institution’s counseling center in training RAs to recognize signs of emotional distress and to know where to refer a troubled student
  • Train RAs in conflict mediation and defusing conflicts between residents to keep small incidents from escalating
  • Train RAs in residence hall safety rules and emergency response so that they can prevent injuries and know how to handle an emergency
  • Develop focused trainings for RAs to help them understand the dangers of substance dependency and possible warning signs of a problem

Read this Risk Research Bulletin to learn more about reducing residence hall risks.


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